Advertise on Scanner and Blotter Report

If you are looking to advertise you are in the right place! Here’s what I have to offer!

Scanner and Blotter Report gets hundreds of thousands of views monthly. Most traffic comes from Ware County and Pierce county areas but isn’t limited to those areas.

Ads are placed in very strategically places on  pages. Your ad cannot be overlooked.

In some cases your ad can be the link to a target page or link. Meaning in order to get to a certain page your advertisement can be the gateway. It’s up to you!

There are 6 ways to advertise currently:

  1. You can advertise per blog entry. This is asking for your advertisement to be placed on the next blog entry. You can choose a certain category if you’d like. Prices of categories will vary.  Please understand that there may be others in line before you also so you’re advertisement may not be next up!
  2. You can advertise in a category for a specified amount of time. For example, if you only want your advertisement to appear on vehicle accident posts this will the best option.  The minimum amount of time is a week for an entire category.
  3. You can advertise on a page. Pages such as “sex offender registry” and “arrest reports” are pages that are high traffic and are permanent to the site.
  4. Sponsor the online live listen scanner with our sister company Goodman Electronics Outlet. This live listen page is accessed by members only. When you sponsor it you open it up for anyone to listen but ONLY through your sponsored link.
  5. Sponsor the entire site minus the online live listen scanner. With this option your advertisement(s) will appear on every page of Scanner and Blotter Report and every post put up from the agreed ad start date until the finish. You will not have a sponsored live listen link however.
  6. Sponsor the entire site plus online live listen scanner. Kinda self explanatory right here.

For questions about pricing or to go ahead and get set up please fill out the form below.


Please note that advertising comes with no guarantee other than your advertisement or company being displayed on Scanner and Blotter Report. Any other service added is to be considered to be of coincidence and not be expected. Prices may vary from day to day.