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November 25, 2017

So I got pulled over tonight! A must read! 

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So I was pulled over about 20 minutes ago in Blackshear. It wasn’t a bad stop but once I was released I became kinda aggravated with the stop. Here’s how the stop went: 
I was heading to Waycross from Blackshear on the main road. I wasn’t in a hurry so I was driving rather calmly. I see a police car coming from across the tracks to my left. About 4 cars pass before he could pull out. Once he pulled out he came flying up behind me all close and I really don’t care because everything is good on my end. While he’s behind me on the highway he turns his headlights off then in a few seconds he turns them back on. So at this point I’m like WTF is he doing. Finally right before I reach that store by ace pole he turns his blue lights on. I pull into the gas station, roll all of my windows down, and put my hands on my head. He walks to my window and here’s the way the conversation went: 
Officer: “Hey sir, how are you tonight?”
Me: “I’m great” 

Officer: “I just need your license. I see you have a. gun there.”

Me: “I have 2 guns in here!”

Officer: “Where’s the other gun?”

Me: “On my right hip where I have to reach pass to get my license. Do you still want me to get my license?”

Officer: “Yes sir, you’re fine.”

 Hands him my license

Officer: “The reason that I stopped you is because IT LOOKED LIKE your tag light was out with that led light bar over top of the plate.”

Me: “It’s not out. This is the first time in 3 years that I’ve been told that.”

Officer: “Are you still in the military?”

Me: “No sir! 2 deployments to Iraq and y’all can have it.”

Officer: “I’m just gonna run your license. Hold tight”

He comes back and hands my license. “So you drive an SRT8 huh?”

Me: “Yes sir, 0-60 in about 4.3 seconds right now at 470hp.”

Officer: “I have A Ford Raptor but it’s heavy”

Me: “those are pretty fast.”

He hears my trunk rumbling a bit. “so what’s in the trunk? 12’s? ”

Me: “yeah, kicker on a small amp. Not too much”

Officer: “sounds good. Well you have a good night Mr. Goodman.” Gets in his car and drives away. 

Like I said it wasn’t a bad stop. It didn’t bother me until I was almost in Waycross then it dawned on me that he pulled me over for nothing!