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May 26, 2019

Train versus Car

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There was just a report made about a vehicle accident.  According to the report a train and a vehicle has collided over on State street out by blackshear avenue.  There isn’t much detail  or information available right now but I will post as I hear.

Update:  Sounds like the train struck the car on the tracks.  The vehicle ended up being left on the tracks down near ABC avenue.  The vehicle involved is said to be a white mustang.  Injuries were reported but are unknown at this time.  According to the railroad there were many people inside of the vehicle.  It was said to have possible occur at Blackshear Avenue.


A white Mustang is seen still sitting on the tracks after a train collides with it.

Photo Credit: Sarah Mitchell


A car is seen on the tracks after being hit by a train in Waycross, ga

Photo credit: Kese Maddox