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March 19, 2019

Vehicle Accidents

Possible vehicle vs train

There was just a report made about a possible train hitting a van.  The van was initially reported to possibly stalled on the train tracks then later someone called back and stated that the van, which is near the intersection of Ossie Davis Parkway and Wacona ave, was possibly struck by a train.  Emergency personnel


Possible home on fire

There’s was just a report of a possible house fire on Washington Ave. Caller says that there is a house directly across from his and that it has black smoke coming from it.  The caller also stated that there could be someone burning trash behind the house. They want it investigated. Update: The fire department

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accident snaps pole in half

There was just a report made of a potentially very serious vehicle accident.  According to the report the driver may have fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a light pole.  The vehicle accident occurred on Virginia avenue and reported has people trapped inside of the truck.  Amongst those trapped is said to be

Fights/Domestic Disputes

Man threatens mother’s life

There was just a report made by a woman this morning who is also a mom.  According to the report she made her son is threatening to kill her.  The threats don’t just stop there however!  The soo also reportedly threatened to burn down their house on Sergeant Street and also threatened to kill the

Vehicle Accidents

Elderly driver hit by Semi truck

There was just a report of a vehicle accident.  According to the report there was a white Jeep Grand Cherokee hot my a semi truck just now.  The Grand Cherokee was said to be occupied by an elderly person at the time of the accident on Simmons road, in front of the mattress company.  The


Residence fully engulfed with elderly male

There was just a report made about a residential fire. The fire is said to be off a residential trailer/mobile home.  According to the report there may be an elderly man trapped inside of the home.  First responders on the scene confirmed that it is indeed fully engulfed and they are planning to make entry

Vehicle Accidents

Ware teen injured in motorcycle accident

There was just a report made about a motor vehicle accident. According to the report there was a single vehicle in this accident.  The driver, which was a 18 year old teenage male, wrecked his motorcycle on Valdosta highway around camp branch road.  He was thrown from the vehicle and can’t remember if he got


Another apartment fire at this place?

There was just a call dispatched about a possible residential fire.  The fire is said to possibly be at Central Park apartments over on Central avenue.  The caller directed the fire department to the apartment building that was possibly on fire.  The fire department has found heavy smoking but no visible flames just yet. Update:

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Children left alone hungry

There was just a report made about children who may have been left at home by themselves by a neighbor.  According to the caller the  children were walking around Garlington Heights asking the neighbors for food.  Once they were asked about their mom they told the person that she was gone.  There were said to

Child bitten by a dog

There was just a report made of a incident that involves a dog. The report was made by a residence over on clough street and states that a young 4 year old child has been bitten by a dog. The extent of injury to the child is unknown as of right now. The owner of

Grandmother needs help

There was just a report made by a grandmother who needs help. The grandmother called in and stated that she had been assaulted by her young granddaughter. The young girl of 12 years old, was said to have kicked her grandmother in the face. This incident occurred over by the Library.

11 year old with gun

A report was just made about a very young child with a gun.  The report was made by the childs grandmother whom said she seen him with the weapon.  According to the report the grandmother walked in on him while he was using facetime to talk to someone and discovered that he was showing off

5 year old child alone in….

Someone just made a report about a child that’s about 5 years old. According to the report that the person made they came across a child inside of Walmart, a White little girl that appears to be about 5 years of age, that was crying hysterically. It is said that she was over in the

Neighbor threatens children with sword

Ok, so I guess we have not heard it all but I am hoping that it doesn’t get any more weird than this! A man just called in and made a report stating that his next door neighbor on Cresent street was just outside threatening his children.   What was he threatening them with?  That

Woman puts kids in trunk

There was just a report made about a woman putting her children in the “trunk” of her vehicle. According to the report made by an anonymous witness the woman was at Verizon when she put her or some kids in the trunk of her white 2016 Toyota Rav4. This vehicle was said to have traveled

Attempted sex with minor

A very concerned wife called and made this report. According to the report heard she believes that her husband is trying to have sex with her neighbors daughter over on long buick. The daughter of the neighbor was said to be 15 years of age! The mans wife wants the situation looked into.

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Vehicle Accidents

Mustang crashed into a ditch

There’s was just a report made of a single vehicle accident. According to the report made by the caller there is a red Ford mustang in the ditch out by the Humane Society on Blackwell street.  The driver is said to be possible intoxicated. No reports of injury as of right now.   Update: The

Ford Taurus versus pickup truck

There has just been a report of a vehicle accident made.  The accident was said to be between 2 vehicle, a Ford Taurus and a pickup truck, and injuries are reported.  The injuries were said to be to the legs of 2 different people.  This accident occurred over on Park avenue.

Vehicle accident possibly fatal

There was just a report of a vehicle accident.  The accident is said to involve just one person that looks to have hit a pole or a tree.  According to the caller the person’s vehicle, which is a pickup truck, is kinda caved in and that the person is entrapped. The person is also said

3 vehicle accident

There was a report of a car accident this morning.  This report was said to have involved 3 vehicles, I was only able to capture photos of 2 of them.  There were said to be injuries as a result of this vehicle accident which occurred at the intersection of Corridor Z and Memorial drive.  Pictures

Person on bicycle hit… Possibly by Police vehicle

There was a report made about a person that has just been hit on a bicycle.  According to the report the person on the bicycle on city Blvd may have been hit by a vehicle belonging to the city; although that has not been confirmed.  I also think that the person is alright. Details may

Puerto Rico aid truck on fire

There was just a report made about a semi truck being on fire.  According to the report the cause of the fire appear to be the trucks brakes in the rear of the vehicle.  The truck is said to be at the intersection of Corridor Z and Augusta avenue by the college.  The contents of

Vehicle vs light pole

there was a report made very early this morning about a vehicle that struck a light pole.   The vehicle was said to have been traveling fast enough to completely knock the light pole down.   The driver was said to be possibly drunk while driving down Washington Avenue around Overton street. The light pole

Vehicle rollover

There has just been a report made of a vehicle accident. The accident is said to have been of a vehicle, possible a Toyota Tacoma, that rolled over several times. It is said that the vehicle finally came to rest on the side of a building on Brunswick highway. There is a male trapped inside

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